Sunday, June 12

Custom Floor Finish

I finally got brave enough to do a custom finish on the attic floor. :D

I tried several different "recipes" until I found one that I liked.

First I applied a golden oak stain. After that was dry, I sanded the floor lightly. Then I mixed 50% Benjamin Moore Chamois paint, 50% water and four drops of gray paint to make a wash.

I ended up buying a can of clear acrylic latex glaze. I have plans to use it on some furniture later. With a can this big, I can do LOTS of furniture and paint LOTS of flowers!

I added 1/3 part glaze to the mixture above. The glaze helps to extend your work time although this took about 3 minutes to do!

I used a one inch brush with just a tiny bit of my paint/glaze mixture to lightly paint the floor. While it was still wet, I wiped most of it off with a dry rag. Then I used another dry brush to clean up where the paint went into the grooves of the floor.

When that was dry I applied a clear satin finish. You will see how that looks later. I love it.

I'm hoping to get all of the trim painted today so I can install it. THEN I can actually start building my garage.

Thanks for following along with my projects. Hope you have a great day!


Rosamargarita said...

Oh Kathi, es mucho trabajo: pero el resultado es perfecto, Es un suelo ideal.
Muchos abrazos

Minnie Kitchen said...

amazing work!!

jose said...

not if it was coming to you well written in English in the traducion of my PC that fantastic heap of materials I work

Plushpussycat said...

Hi Kathi--Thanks for the tips and tricks as you go along. I can't wait to see your satin finish!

Kim said...

The floor looks amazing!!!