Monday, June 20

Shoe Polish and Stain

The good thing about making a mistake is that you have the chance to try something new. I took the sewing table apart and made new sides. Now it will be the correct height.

For the finish, I tried using Plaid maple stain right out of the bottle. As you can see, that didn't work.

Then I tried rubbing neutral shoe polish on the wood to seal it. Here you can see the pieces of the table with the shoe polish and one light coat of stain. Much better.

Now I'm gluing the table back together again.

I'm happy with how it looks so far. I think Grandma will appreciate that it will be the right height too. I wouldn't want her to get a sore back from leaning over a table that was too short. :D

Hope you have a nice day!


Caseymini said...

Looking good, Kathi. Grandma is going to love her new sewing room. Before you finish, you may want to make her one of those chairs that climb stairs.LOL Poor Grandma, having to climb up and down every time she wants to sew. Oh well....Good exercise.

Carla Alessandra said...

Oi Kathi esta ficando muito boa, futuramente pretendo fazer uma tambem, ja estou aproveitando para aprender com você.

Anna said...

shoe polish...what a good idea!! the pieces look very nice! Greetings from Greece!

Lucille said...

The table is looking good. I love Casey's idea. That would be a lovely gesture towards Grandma. After all, we don't want her tripping down the stairs!

Unknown said...

You are so resourceful. Shoe paste !?! I do not believe it. Have a nice day.

Kathi said...

Okay Casey. Now you've done it. Grandma wants a ride up the stairs! Lucille, your comment didn't help me either. How will I ever get this garage finished if you keep suggesting more things for me to make?!
The shoe polish really did work. I might even use it to polish the table when it's done? :D

Mary said...

Your wood finish is very nice, so warm and rich. Lucky Grandma, you are so good to her Kathi.

Marisa said...

Im sure Grandma is going to be happy with her new sewing table :)