Tuesday, June 7

Faux Floor Finish

I'm experimenting this morning. I'm trying to do a faux wood grain finish for the attic floor. There are lots of videos and tutorials online for doing this.

The three sticks on the left were painted with a light yellow paint. Then I used some maple stain and a small flat brush to make the wood grain. I dry brushed over that to blend it in. I don't like how yellow they look.

I read that you can use a clear acrylic finish as a glaze. That tip saved me a trip to the store for glaze. :D You just have to work quickly before the finish dries.

First I painted the second sticks lightly with Minwax polyshades chestnut stain. That's what I had, so that's what I used. :D

Then I added some Plaid maple stain to MinWax clear satin acrylic and brushed that on using a small flat brush going sideways down each stick. While it was still wet, I added some darker stain to make wood graining.

I was still not quite pleased with the outcome. So I mixed some black paint to the stain mix to add more depth to the pattern. Getting there, but still not quite right.

This is a photo of the REAL oak hardwood floor in my hallway. This is the look I'm going for. I think I'll need to use even smaller brushes to achieve this.

Maybe with a little more practice I can do this?

Hope you have a beautiful day!


otterine said...

I have confidence you can do it! I think the more layers you put on, the more depth and reaslim you'll get. And, yes, smaller brushes. :D Good luck!

Ludmila said...

Kathi, you're so much work is put! Garage turn out great!

Good luck!

Caseymini said...

Keep going! I have faith that you can do it, Kathi! I am with Brae, smaller brushes are a must.

Plushpussycat said...

Fun to watch your process! Thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

I know those floors will turn out wonderful! Can't wait to see them!