Sunday, January 22

Ebay Watch Alert!!!!!

This adorable House That Jack Built Dollhouse by Melissa and Doug is on Ebay right now. You only have three more hours to bid! Shipping is FREE.

Me, I'm just looking! LOL


otterine said...

Right now, there are even better deals to be had:


Kathi said...

Wow, you're right Brae! They have much better prices!
I never would have thought to look at Tuesday Morning!
I'm still "just looking" though...

Anonymous said...

I love that house design. That is really similar to what I want to build with the RGT puzzle house kit I have on the way.

The ebay link also reminded me to use my e-Bay Bucks before they expired, so thanks!

Ludmila said...

What a beautiful house! This is my dream!

Lena said...

I would love to have a dollhouse like that!
Its really sad that its too expensive to ship heavy packaqes to europe and sweden. Othervise, I would have make a bid for sure!!