Saturday, January 28

Very Busy Here!

My table is almost finished. I used Mod Podge Multi-Dimensional Magic on the table top. It sealed the shells nicely and is smooth and level. The wooden top warped a bit but I think I can weigh it down for a while to fix that...

As you can see, I've taken everything else out of the kitchen. I realize that I need to do more prep work before I continue. There is paint to touch up, baseboard to install and an unfinished ceiling to work on.

I found a piece of textured scrapbook paper that matches the wall color perfectly. I'm planning to use it on the kitchen ceiling. Pay no attention to the mess in the living room. There is work to be done there too!

Since there is no wiring in the house I'm looking for the perfect battery operated light.I like this one by Houseworks. I also like this one.
I feel like I'm starting over here. Maybe it's more like taking three steps forward and two steps back?

Hope you have a good day. I'm going to be very busy here!

Image by Eruna on Deviant Art
Love it!


Amie said...

The table is looking lovely.

Lucille said...

Your table is beautiful and so cheerful with all those pretty colours! Mod Podge Multi-Dimensional Magic is certainly a wonderful product. I had never heard of it before.

Fabiola said...

The table is very nice.
Bye Faby

otterine said...

The table is wonderful! I will be busy working on minis right along with you! :D

Troy said...

looks great! A nice splash of color.

Unknown said...

Me gusta mucho tu mesa!!

Maria Ireland said...

The table looks wonderful.
Hugs Maria

maribel said...

Voy viendo poco a poco tu cocina y me parece que te va a quedar impresionante.