Sunday, January 8

Just Thinking About It . . .

I'm thinking about entering the 2012 Creatin' Contest? I love the MiniTown Loft Kit.

I'm not sure that what I have in mind would work for this kit, but it won't be a modern house!

I would finally repair and use some of the old furniture I got with one of my Craigslist houses.

I will need to make things and buy some things too. Like this car I'm watching on Ebay.

Sorry for the crummy photo. That's what you get on Ebay sometimes.

So I would build a "not so modern house" with OLD furniture and a limousine. I have some crazy ideas sometimes! LOL

Not sure if I will even enter the contest? I have until December to decide. Are you planning to join in?

Just what I need, another project right? I'm going to have to move to a bigger house or put my bed up on blocks to hide all of the other projects I have!

I actually finished Grandma's hair today. Thanks again Casey! I'm just waiting for the glue to dry and I'll show you how it looks tomorrow.

Hope you are having a good weekend!


Audra said...

The contest house doesnt 'speak' to me at all. Usually something pops into my head - even though I don't do the contest!

Lucille said...

That would be so much fun if you were to enter the contest, Kathi. But would your five year old let you? That's the big question! I love that green sofa!

Drora's minimundo said...

If you do enter, I wish you luck at the contest.

Mary said...

Hi Kathi, I like this house, Jaynie would really like to have her own little place. I can't find any info on the contest though. I'm not very good with time limits but I may buy a house and take my time on it.

Linda said...

I do love this kit for the Greenleaf contest! I don't know if I will have time to enter, but I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with either way! Good luck if you do enter! :)

Kathi said...

I'm still thinking about whether to enter or not...
I have tons of other things to do this year. Finishing the beach house is priority right now.
The deadline for entering is not until December so I (we) have plently of time to decide! :D