Tuesday, January 31

Bidding on Ebay

I'm bidding on this little table on Ebay. If I get it, I think it will look great next to the stove?

Troy asked if I was going to "pickle" my bar table? I didn't do that to the table but the cabinets accidently turned out way. Show you soon.

Have a great day!


Fabiola said...

Nice choice.
Bye Faby

Troy said...

I like the table. Good luck on the bidding. I lost big time on ebay yesterday :(

Lady Jane said...

I love the table. I hope you get it!!! LJ

Lucille said...

I hope you get your little table, Kathi. If you don't, perhaps you could build a similar one. I know you could do it.

Mary said...

I hope you get the table but if you don't, I just found a tutorial on a similar piece at