Saturday, January 14

Kitchen Window Shade

I wanted something simple for the kitchen window. I liked this shade by Martha Stewart. It is sheer and classic. It looked easy enough to make in miniature?

Sometimes looks are deceiving! When you are working on something small, sheer and fiddly it doesn't always turn out the way you planned.

Glue goes where you don't want it to, ribbon gets stiff and edges fray.

Martha has three folds. I only have two. I still like it. It adds a nice bit of color to the window.

Now it's back to the cabinet doors. I have two more hinges to install. UGH.

I haven't decided on the counter top. I like what Martha did with the black in her kitchen but I'm not sure it would look that great in mine?

I'll have to think about that for a while...

Hope you have a nice day!


dalesdreams said...

The shade looks great, Kathi! I love the color. :)

It turned out really well, despite fraying and being fiddley.

Have you ever tried using fray check?

My Wee Life said...

The shade looks lovely - the colour is really nice and you've done a good job :)

De said...

The shade is really pretty! How about a deep blue countertop instead of the black?

Eliana said...

Beautiful, Kathi!

Jill said...

Your shade looks every bit as great as Martha's! Your kitchen is looking wonderful~

Maria said...

Looks almost the same! I love the color, great work.

rosanna said...

Kathi, I think you did a great job, I love it. I love the colour and how it brightens up the wall.
Well done, Rosanna

Bella Sinclair said...

Hey, beautiful! Happy New Year! Wow, the shade came out beautifully, and I love the rosy color. And the kitchen! The kitchen looks fabulous. But what's this? Not only do you do mini construction and decorating, but you sew mini clothes too????? Is there nothing you can't do? I think not!

Big hugs to you!

Lucille said...

Grandma must be so pleased with her new window treatment, Kathi! Very nice!

PILAR6373 said...

Me gusta mucho,se ve muy delicada,da una luz preciosa!!!

Troy said...

I like it! Have been trying to figure out what kind of shades or curtains I want in my cabin.. if any?

Maria Ireland said...

The shade is beautiful. I love the colour its very pretty.
Hugs Maria

Melli Hobby said...

The shade looks great. The color is fantastic.

sunshinefl95 said...

What kind of fabric did you use?