Thursday, January 12

Grandma's Tea Set

Yesterday, Marisa from Steinworks suggested Grandma should have tea with her toast instead of a wine cooler. She is probably right. We don't want a tipsy Grandma!

I looked in my box of kitchen accessories and found the tea set I bought a LONG time ago.

I really need to get back to work so I can display more of my kitchen minis!

Hope you have good day!


Lucille said...

Cute little tea set. Grandma is looking like the Lady of the manor! Very elegant!

Amie said...

The tea set is lovely and grandma is looking good too.

Kim said...

the tea set is adorable, but even cuter is the pups waiting to see if Grandma is going to give them some biscuits :) Hope you have a good day too Kathi!

De said...

Grandma looks quite at home in her kitchen and the tea set is very pretty. I love this house!

Kathi said...

Thanks! My pups are always in the kitchen with me! They are very spoiled, but so so cute. They look just like these two! :D

Fabiola said...

I like this tea set; beautiful colors and decorations.
Bye Faby

Norma Bennett said...

That's a pretty teaset that would certainly brighen up Grandma's morning - but maybe not quite as much as a wine cooler ;)

Unknown said...

Your kitchen will be great! Grandma seems to like it in her kitchen.

Maria said...

Nice teaset, love the doggies too. Your kitchen becoming more and more cosy.

Marisa said...

I love it, I absolutely love it..Grandma and her Goggies are so adorable!

it makes me wish I had a Grandma for my house (that Im supposed to be building) thank you for mentioning me

I'll be watching for new updates :)

Mini Hugs

Marisa said...

Now she looks like the Lady of the house (Grandma needs a story about how she came to be..I know she likes a wine cooler now and then but I'd love to read a story about her)