Wednesday, January 25

Overnight Test

Last night I tried several things to see what might work to seal the shells on my table top.

Last night.

I realized that the Quick Water resin I had used in making my ponds is still a bit tacky to the touch so I didn't try that again. Sorry girls...

Since I don't have any other resin, I tried what I already have. As you can see, the Mod Podge is still cloudy. The Tacky Glue didn't level out overnight.

The clear nail polish is nice and shiny. There are lots of bubbles on the surface but that may not be a problem with what I'm doing. It didn't cover the shells with one coat so I may try adding more?

Alleen's Jewel-It dried clear but is also not level. I may try thinning it and the Tacky Glue with water and try again?

This morning.

There is a new product out called "Mod Podge Dimenional Magic." Has anyone used it? I really don't want to spend anymore money on products I may never use again...

I did a similar technique for the bathroom floor. I painted clear tacky glue on cardstock and then added the beads and shells. I'm not happy with the finished look because it is not smooth or level. It is rough for little feet to walk on. LOL

I'll keep trying different things and let you know what works...


DLSarmywife said...

Kathi, I've used dimensional magic and it is awesome stuff! I can think of tons of applications for mini-ing too! I would definitely got with that. I would also suggest some kind of lip along the edge of your table to hold the DM in as it does self level.
I had the same tackiness issue with the magic water I bought too! I ended up pitching a half full bottle. :-(

BTW has your book arrived?

Tabitha Corsica said...

Kathi, I have used the Triple Thick Glaze by Americana (used to be by Deco Art) to "bury" tiny objects in small places. It works beautifully and sets up in a few hours. I drizzled it over the items and even mounded it on a tiny wall plaque. It is self-leveling but so thick that it doesn't overflow.

Kathi said...

Thanks girls!
I will be making a stop at Michaels this afternoon. I'll see what they have there. These are two great options!

Unknown said...

Your tests are very interesting. I think you must try it with resin, here you get a smoothy surface.
Hugs from Craftland