Saturday, January 29

Finds and Project Ideas

I stopped by my favorite thrift store yesterday after work. I always find something I "need" there. Like these three books. Price for all three? One dollar and fifty cents.

IF I ever learn to knit, I would love to make a little vest or sweater for one of my dolls. This book has mostly bear patterns but there are also patterns for knitted clothes. It can't be all that difficult, can it?

The dress pattern below is in one of the counted cross stitch books. I didn't even see this until I got the book home. I think it is adorable! The skirt is stitched on 32ct linen. There are lots of little motifs to stitch too. Perfect for pillows or wall hangings in miniature!

I recently purchased an Ott Lite with a magnifier. I got it at Michaels, 50% off and I used my Christmas gift cards. NOW I should be able to see to stitch! No more excuses, right?

I saw this little step stool on Ebay a long time ago. The listing expired for the green one while I was hesitating about buying it. Then all I could find were red ones. I wanted GREEN!

Well, guess what? The green one came up again and I snatched it right away! It's perfect for my kitchen. :D

I'm still thinking about what kind of tile I want to make for the floor and walls. The whole color scheme may change if I find something I like better. I may try to modern up the appliances a bit too? Not sure how I would do that. I may try some stainless steel paint on something and see if I like that? I'll need to build some cabinets and shelves too.

My first project today is taking Birgit's gifts to the post office. Congratulations again Birgit and thanks to everyone else who entered my give-a-way!

Hope you have a beautiful Saturday!


C said...

Hi Kathi, You did well with your book purchases! And I love that little green kitchen set of stools/steps. That little vest on the teddy uses just one stitch called 'plain'. It is the most basic stitch in knitting and you should manage it with a little practice. It is not complicated. Have a good weekend, Carol :)

Elga said...

Oh, I love the little doll and her dress, yes, jump in and stitch, you won't be sorry. Just a word of warning, stitching is VERY addictive :-)

BiWuBär said...

I really love the last pic... LOL! But without kidding, I can understand why you fell in love with that stool, great piece - and your were right waiting for green. Oh, and happy stitiching *grin*


Carey said...

Hi Kathy,
I love that step stool and what a great color to find. Your blog makes me feel so peaceful, listening to the ocean. I wish I was there right now. I have not had much time for minis lately but I am going to start on a new project soon - a Barbie themed bedroom for my dollhouse. Have a wonderful weekend!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

The books are very nice and they seem to be full of ideas.
The little origami box I made starts from a square 7-3/4" piece of paper but I made some very small ones too. The paper does have to be square and it is easier if it folds easily. I sat with my paper in front of the computer and followed Stacie's steps with the pictures. I hope your little box turns out, let me know. :)

Lady Jane said...

I just love the retro green stepping stool!!! I had one back in the day... I wouldnt modernize the kitchen I would build the kitchen around that neat stool...