Thursday, January 27

Mother's Sewing Cabinet

This is my mother's sewing cabinet. It was made by my grandfather. It is maple and has a nice patina as well as some damage from many many moves.

It is sitting in my bedroom next to my old Kenmore sewing machine. My machine is over 40 years old and needs a tune-up before I can do any mini sewing.
Here is the inside of the cabinet. I love all of the little drawers. I don't know if grandpa made this from scratch, but he probably did. He made other furniture too.

Inside there are wooden embroidery hoops and lots of knitting needles in various sizes.

Maybe I should learn how to knit?!

I have a few wooden spools of thread too. I may make a tiny table with one of them?

Do you have any family treasures that are collecting dust? I would love to see them!

Hope you have a lovely day,


Caseymini said...

Very interesting. Since I collect antique needlework equipment of all kinds, I found it especially interesting that the piece has a place for knitting and embroidery items as well as sewing. It's a very nice piece.

Drora's minimundo said...

Kathi you are very fortunate to have such family souvenirs to pass down to the next generations.

Kim said...

What a beautiful cabinet! I have little things from family around my house that are not really worth money, but they remind me of childhood or the person they are from. One of my favorites is a copper embossed picture of The Last Supper that used to hang in our home when I was a kid. Most people think it's ugly, but I adore it:)

BiWuBär said...

What a fantastic piece - I would really treasure it. It's so clever and well made in the inside plus - what makes it most valuable - made by your grandfather. Thank you for showing it!


Minimami said...

I guess we all have family treasures but the best of them are memories and time spended together! I have an award for you in my blog!

Sans! said...

This is a most fascinating piece of sewing cabinet. When I was a child, we have a library in the school like this when you open up and there were books lined up at the sides of the cabinet. I love this!