Wednesday, January 19

So What's Next?

Now that I've finished the projects for my give-a-way, I'm thinking about what to do next?

The Adelaide Beachy is still not finished. She needs some exterior work, window treatments and the staircase completed. I haven't even started the kitchen. I have SO many kitchen miniatures to display once that's done!

I also have an idea for a Catnip Cottage and have made some little things for the inside. I have lots of cats who will live there and two "houses" that might work.

Then I bought this wonderful set of half scale furniture from Gina in November. Everything is so perfect and so cute!

Of course I had to get the half scale Greenleaf Fairfield Cottage kit for the furniture. That is still in the box.

So are the General Store and the Travel Trailer kits. If you haven't seen Casey's teeny tiny 1:144 travel trailer you really should go look! It is perfect!

Here are the two possible cat cottages and a great big project that has been sitting in my living room for months!

The big "Hurricane House" really wants to become a modern contemporary house. I'm planning to completey remodel this house. It will get a new door and windows and have a roof top pool and sunroom.

I will have to put up with some sawdust indoors if I start working on it now. What's a little more dust, right? What would you do next if you were me?

Hope you have a day filled with miniature dreams!


Marisa said...

well I would finish the staircase and kitchen cause I really want to see what that looks like when it's finished *I know that's selfish and self's a charactor flaw that I've learned to live with*


Caseymini said...

Kathi, you are a bad influence. You showed the travel trailer kit...Now I want a big one. The 1/144 one was so much fun to do. When I was little, we lived in a 15 foot trailer for a couple of years and believe it or not, I have fond memories of it. It was kind of like living in a mini house.

Now that you have altered the Hurricane house somewhat, I am seeing an Art Deco style emerging.

Do what I do....Get them all started and then you can work on each one on a whim.LOL

Lucille said...

The Adelaide Beachy bathroom is so gorgeous! I had forgotten that. Your kitchen stash looks like it would be fun to go through. As for what to do next, just go where your heart takes you. Just have fun and entertain us with your whimsicality.

Ascension said...

Seguro que lo que eligas para hacer, nos ayudara a todas a aprender un poquito, todos tus trabajos me sirven para aprender a hacer miniaturas.
besitos ascension

Jollie said...

Very lovely minis!
I just love the things you've made for your catnip cottage!
I just LOVE cats!! :) I am working on a shabby black cat boutique ;)(As you have seen on my blog)

Warm hugs, Jollie

eilonwy said...

Hi! I found your blog while researching a house I bought on CL that's similar to your CL house. I think your "hurricane house" was built from dollhouse plans in the early to mid-1970s, and that the owner was kinda winging it rather than following the plans exactly.

Anyway, you gave me the courage to start prying the interior window frames off mine, which really needed doing.