Monday, January 24

How Are We Doing?

It is sunny and "warm" here in Birmingham today! Warm enough to paint! :D

I thought I would quickly prime Birgit's little chairs with spray primer. You know, to help speed up the painting processs. . .

I took the chairs outside and gave them a quick spray. THEN it started to RAIN! Oh no!

I ran out, scooped up the chairs on the newspaper and brought them inside. I dropped one! It broke.

Then I saw the question on my Walgreen's receipt. "How are we doing?"

Not so good. The rest will be done by hand. I promise.


Lainie said...

The chairs are really nice. Plus it's nothing you can't fix! It was nasty and rainy here all day! I've been needing to finish the roof on Poppy Lane forever! But it has to be done outside, so it won't happen anytime soon!

JFolk said...

Well don't feel bad, I can't even think of venturing out doors right now, its snow covered and hardly ever a day above freezing lately! ;)
your chairs are looking wonderful! Can I come sit?lol
Hugs Jaime

C said...

How annoying. But you will be able to repair the little chair. They are going to look so lovely outside in the sunshine - just keep focusing on that! Best wishes, Carol :)

BiWuBär said...

Oooooooops... ;O)

Don't worry, I'm sure you can fix it...


Kim said...

OH NO! At least the day can only get better from here out, right? Hope it's an easy fix Kathi ♥