Sunday, January 23

Grandpa Picks A Winner!

Grandpa took his lunch to the beach and had quite a few friends join him. Everyone was excited to see who would win the Followers Give-A-Way!

Grandpa had the number of each person who entered the give-a-way in a grocery bag. I think the birds were hoping there was more food in there!

When Grandpa finished his lunch, he shook the big bag, closed his eyes and drew the winning number.

Congratulations Birgit at BiWuBaer! YOU are the winner! Be sure to visit Birgit's shop and blog! She makes the most adorable "flutterby bears!"

Please email me with your address and let me know what color you would like your chairs painted? You may choose any color(s) that you like!
Congratulations Birgit! I will mail your gifts to you soon!

I want to thank EVERYONE who participated in this give-a-way! I really appreciate your visits and comments. YOU make blogging fun!


jose said...

I like this one fantasticly

TINK - SONIA said...

Congrats to Birgit and thanks for this original giveaway!
Mini regards.

BiWuBär said...

Is that really true??? I can't believe it... Please give grandpa a really big hug from me for picking me out of the luckpot!!! Jippiiiieee....

I'm going to write you a E-Mail next - oh, thank you so much, Kathi!

With a very happy grin

Blake said...

Yay!! Congrats, Birgit!!

Lataina said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner!!! =)

Rosella said...

Thanks for this giveaway

Kim said...

Congrats Birgit!!!! The first picture with all the birds around grandpa is adorable!

Jollie said...

Congratulations Birgit! :)

Warm hugs, Jollie