Saturday, December 3

Grandma's Hair

Troy commented that I could use Grandma as she was for a Halloween or "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" room box. :D

He even mentioned "putting her down!" Oh my!

I've become attached to this sad little doll and really don't want to replace her. Lucille suggested that I remove all of Grandma's hair and start over.

I've decided to try to make her a wig.

There are lots of tutorials and videos out there for making wigs. I like
Cynthia Howe's Miniatures tutorial best. has several tutorials on wigs also.

I found this pony tail hair at my local thrift shop for 69 cents. Cheap cheap cheap! There is enough hair here to make a million little doll wigs!

I pulled out some of the blonde hair, cut them into short lengths and glued one edge.

For the wig cap here I tried using cheese cloth over plastic wrap. I don't think this will work. The cheese cloth is too flimsy. I need to go back to the tutorials!

Then I will glue on the little pieces of hair. That's going to take a while.

Hopefully, I'll have something that looks like a wig later?

If not, I will show you what I did anyway. Warning: It could be really messy!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, being synthetic, that hair probably will be difficult to work with. If you can hang in there a few days, I will send you some mohair. E mail me and let me know about color.

Lucille said...

Kathi, I just read Cynthia's tutorial on wigging. It's interesting how she does it. It helps if you stand your doll in a slim glass but tall enough to allow the neck and head sticking out and the arms hanging on the side for balance. I'm so happy you decided to make Grandma a wig. I agree that we do get attached to our dolls. I had planned to build my house for this doll family I have and then I purchased another doll and I decided to give her the house. Well, it seemed to me that the doll family was devastated at losing the house. So, I decided to let them have it. Crazy? I know! LOL!

Unknown said...

Exciting! Good luck!

Ludmila said...

Good luck, Kathi!

Sandra said...

I have some bald beauties that have been languishing in a container for several years now Kathi, so will be watching with great interest. Maybe you will help me get enough courage to tackle my baldies too! Good luck