Thursday, February 2

I started working on the kitchen floor last night. So far I've glued 45 tiles one at a time to the posterboard backing. I still need to do the border.

Here is what the floor will look like in the kitchen. I really like the colors.

I'm also working on the cabinet over the stove. I think it needs some trim or crown molding or something?

As you can see, the doors are STILL not installed under the sink! The hinges are really causing me problems! I may try to make some pin hinges instead? That little sink has been more frustrating than anything else so far!

I started stitching one of Janet Granger's pillow kits yesterday. I've never done anything so tiny before! It's going to be beautiful, IF I can do it? Photo is from Janet's website

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Lucille said...

I would go for the pin hinges myself. Your cushion is so pretty! Your floor will be lovely once it's all done.

De said...

Kathi, if the pin hinges don't work you could try making hinges with ribbon. I've done that and it works well. Another option would be to use pretty fabric to make curtains for the sink cabinet.

The tile looks great! Can't wait to see how this room turns out. :)

Troy said...

I love how the tile you used for the wall has the same color as the floor tile, yet they are two different styles. Its looking good!

Fabiola said...

The tiles are very nice.
I like the pillow.
Bye Faby

dale's dreams said...

Kathi, I love the flooring! It is bringing it all together.

I can imagine your frustration with the hinges. Sorry, dear. :(

I think crown molding on the cabinet would be a good idea.

Maria Ireland said...

Your floor tiles are beautiful. They look wonderful in the kitchen. The cushion is beautiful.
Hugs Maria

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

the kitchen floor is very pretty, like it a lot, looking forward to seeing the finished effect