Sunday, June 3

Day 2, Section 1

Today is day two of the coffee shop counter project. The bar top I cut yesterday was too narrow.  Rather than waste more wood I made a template out of cardboard.

The serving counter will need to be built in separate sections.  On one end I want a tall open "glass" shelving unit. 

It helps me to visualize things as I go along.   Here's the plan. 

I will be building the shelving unit with wood and plastic.  I tried two different kinds of glue. The Gorilla Glue held tight but the Silicone did not.

I cut my plastic and pieces of wood.  Have you ever painted little wooden matchsticks?  Messy!

Now I'm waiting for the paint to dry.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will have ONE finished project!?

Hope you have a great day!


Lucille said...

Kathi, painting wooden matchsticks does not have to be messy. Do what I do when I need to paint small pieces. I learned that from Casey. Put long strips of masking tape on your work table and tape the ends down with smaller pieces of masking tape. Put all your matchsticks on the masking tape and paint. As they dry, just turn them over and do the other side. Perhaps you could keep this in mind for next time!

Kathi said...

Good idea Lucille (Casey). I seem to make a mess no matter what I do!

Audra said...

I put wax under my pieces to hold it to my painting area.

Fabiola said...

Wow! Great job.
Bye Faby

Ludmila said...

Прекрасный стол!