Sunday, June 10

Weekend Project

I'm building the frame for my wood storage cabinet.  Things are going along nicely but I have encountered these challenges:

1.   Hand cutting HARD wood dowels is not easy.
2.   Using a miter box on the floor makes your back hurt.
3.   Adding a new drill bit with the chuck attached to the cord is crazy.  Is it legal to remove it?  I did.
4.   Dividing 9 1/8 x 2.  I need to go back to math class.
5.   One very old L-square ruler had so much rust on it that I couldn't see the numbers.
6.   I have no corner clamps.
7.   One level is too short. One is too long.
8.   One dog insists on being right in the middle or on top of everything. (Not shown here, but believe me, he was!)
9.   Working on a project that is 36 inches long in a doorway that is 30 inches wide...

I decided to turn the original bookcase on its side. I'm building a top frame with 5/8" hardwood square dowels.  I will add a small support for the wood in the center on the right. On the left is where the wire shelves will go to hold dowels and strip wood.

I hope to finish this today.  I'm calling this a "weekend project."
I wonder how many weekends it will take?


Gemma said...

Caray! es que te atreves con todo, eres muy valiente.
Un beso

Lucille said...

Good luck! You're very courageous, that's for sure! You should treat yourself to something at the end of the day. Something fattening and cold, like an ice cream sundae! It's so hot out there today!

Kathi said...

Thanks! I need to go get some smaller wood screws and corner clamps before I can finish this project. :{

I have ice cream almost everyday! Even on rainy days like this! Love ice cream!

Janice said...

It seems to me no matter how many tools and gadgets I buy I never have the right ones when I try something new!