Sunday, June 24

Looks like I will need to make a new floor for this corner of the coffee shop. I finally got out the graph paper. Should have done that first!

As you can see, there is not much room here. It's a challenge to figure out where to put everything. Sounds like my workroom! 

I want one of these in the shop somewhere. I may try to make one? Gotta have a fridge! 

I like this too. I'll need a place to display my custom blend "Sunshine Coffee."  :D

The more ideas I find, the smaller this kit becomes! NOW I'm thinking about eliminating the apartment, moving the stage upstairs and reworking my entire plan! If I do that, I will have LOTS more room downstairs.

It's okay if I change my mind (again) right?


Maria Ireland said...

You always have so many fantastic ideas. It always makes me smile when you think up another lol then change your mind : D I love reading your posts. You do wonderful work.
Hugs Maria

Lucille said...

So I don't get to move upstairs then! Oh, well, I guess I'll stop looking for a way to shrink myself then. I was so looking forward to renting that place.