Monday, June 11

Floor Squared

I hereby declare myself the unofficial "Queen Of Started Projects." Notice I did NOT say the queen of "finished" projects.  :D

This is another project I started this morning.

I cut up one of the bamboo place mats I found at KMart.

This is the dark side.  I'm not sure which one I will use?

Getting the pieces squared to make a floor will be another challenge.  Like I need more challenges!

Hope you have a good day!  I have to go do some real work now.


Caseymini said...

Love the dark side, Kathi. Thanks for the label. Now I will know what to look for.

Kathi said...

I'm going back to KMart to get more of these. There were two left. Hope they are still there?

Troy said...

I like those! I will have to check the Kmart here.

Lucille said...

I like both sides, Kathi. It all depends on the accent colours you will be using.

maria l. said...

Very interesting blog

Sandra from Sydney said...

I like the idea you had of using one side for the serving area and the other for the restaurant. Is that still the plan? I'd go for the lighter side for the larger area but that's my personal preference, both are really nice (must look for some too). Good luck squaring them up. By the way, I think I could challenge you for the title Queen of Started Projects vbg! Sandie