Saturday, June 2

Building the Bar

I started fiddling with my little lights this morning.  After a while, I realized this is probably NOT a good day for that.  My level of patience is not what it needs to be today.  SO.   I started building the bar.

I decided a curved bar might look nice.  I cut the countertop from basswood.  This nice piece of plywood laminate may work for the front of the bar?  I will need to make a trip to Michael's to get more wood for the shelves inside. 

My real motivation for getting out of the house is to escape this.  My work table!

It will be much more fun to shop than clean up this mess!   I probably need to learn to finish one project before I start another one.  Maybe?  Some day?

Hope you have fun today!


Caseymini said...

Kathi! Bite your tongue! Never finish one thing before starting another! It's bad luck not to have at least three balls in the air when you are juggling!LOL When it is less, things are too easy....

carmen said...

esa mesa me recuerda algo...jaaaa

Wanda said...

Kathi, that's why my blog is called "So Mini Projects". I always have several projects going at one time. It's a mini maker's mind to work this way. Glad to see someone else as a work surface like mine at times. Thanks for sharing!

Ilona said...

Hi Kathy, you haven't seen my workspace yet!! A mess!! I am also cleaning up before the next project ;) Good luck, girl!
Hugs, Ilona