Tuesday, May 11

Bathroom Ideas in Progress

I placed some of the things I've made in the bathroom. There is still much work to do! Should I paint the sink cabinet blue like the hutch or tan like the shells? Leave it white?

I still can't decide on a floor. I cut out some 1 inch tiles in blue and white. I may try stenciling the white tiles with a fish design or do an embossing technique? I'm liking the crushed shell floor too. Think I need to add a little more sandy color in the room somewhere.

I found several new blogs to follow today. Love to see what everyone is doing!
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, I like the crushed shell floor. It is so different.Did you put together the sink and stand or purchase it? Whichever, it is lovely. I like matching the cupboard for that, in contrast to the floor if you use the crushed shell. Just one woman's opinion.

Kathi said...

I made the sink stand for the pretty glass bowl I purchased. I agree that the stand should be painted. I like the shell floor too. It will be SO much easier than making more tiles! Those little fish will be a challenge. I glued those tiny beads on one at a time!

Ascension said...

Va genial!!!!!
Pasare para ver que decides con el suelo.
besitos ascension

Kim said...

I agree with Casey- the crushed shell floor is just so cool and would make your dollhouse so unique! Lots of work for the fish, but they are pretty darn cool! I think the stand should match the hutch if you do the shell floor too- I just love this room!