Wednesday, May 26

It's Home!

I finally got my Craig's List dollhouse today! Thanks Jennifer and Sharyn!

It's big, but not as huge as I thought it was. It is 26" tall, 27" wide and 21" deep including the porch. My beach house is actually a little bit smaller!

Now that I see it closer I'm sure it was handmade. I love that.

The front door is 7" tall. Look at the roughly made hinges and doorknob. I love the little half moon over the door. So simple. So much potential!

Here you can see one of the windows up close. The mullions are painted on, not wood.

If you peek inside you can see the fancy stair railing. The ceiling height is 9". Reminds me of the 9 foot ceilings I had in my bungalow in Florida.

It's just a plain little house that needs some love. I'm still not sure what I'd like to do with it?

Maybe it will be pink? Maybe it's haunted?

The Old Pink House
Savannah, GA

I think I'll just let it relax from its long trip home and let it tell me later what it would like to be. I'm sure it has many many stories to tell...

Guess I'd better go see what Grandpa has been up to. I'm almost afraid to look!

Another beautiful blessing!


Norma Bennett said...

It looks really charming, I just know you're going to have fun with it. And so many opportunities for Grandpa to get in on the action ;)

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful little building!

Ingrid said...

It looks beautiful and charming
groetjes Ingrid

Tabitha Corsica said...

Hi Kathi! Just stumbled upon your to see people rehabing old dollhouses. Your newest acquisition is charming. I think your idea to make it look like that bungalow your dtr lived in is great....but then so is the "haunted pink" house. Have fun! I'll be following....


Iris said...

It looks beautiful. I follow whith interest the house decoration.

Jo Raines said...

It is lovely! So glad you got it and it will get a loving, caring home where it will live up to its potential for sure!


Tarnished Rose said...

Kathi, it's great! So glad you decided to get it.


Linda said...

I love handmade dollhouses! :-D