Sunday, May 30


Now that the bathroom is finished, the master bedroom is next!

I'm so glad I took "before" photos. This is the bedroom as it looked when I bought the house.

Here is what it looked like after I cleaned it up and primed everything.

I thought the room needed more light so I cut a hole in the wall for a new window.

Here is the window installed. It still needs trim on the inside.

I found this pretty wallpaper online. For now it's just propped up so you can see how it might look. This will be the first time I've tried wallpapering a dollhouse room. Do you think the paper is too "busy?"

I'm going to make a hardwood floor in this room too. Then I think I'll paint it white?

I really like this tropical bedding I found on Ebay. This same seller has another set that I really like too! I wish I had another bedroom to do!

So there you have it. My next project! I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions you might have.

I really like how the bathroom turned out. Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments! I really do appreciate each and every one!



dalesdreams said...

I love this wall paper, you showed this before, didn't you? I don't think it is too busy at all, especially for in the bedroom and it compliments the bedding quite nicely.

Oh, wallpaper so intimidates me. I hope you take a lot of pictures of the progress. :)

Ascension said...

A mi el papel de la pared me parece precioso.
La ropa de la cama, que da genial y acompaña al cuarto de baño en cuanto a luz y alegria, me encanta
besitos ascension

Ces Adorio said...

Hello Kathi, thank you for stopping by.


Oh my goodness! At first I thought how you were able to take a photo of your bedroom like that and then I busted up laughing.

A dollhouse - BEAUTIFUL! I had a dollhouse once and I spent so much money and effort on it but my husband kept on complaining that it was occupying the whole living room so I got ri of it.

If I did not paint and draw, I will be making a dollhouse.

Lovely work.

I had to chcuckle at your profession. Isn't that a shame? They need to improve nurses' salaries. The reason why patients go to hospitals is to receive nursing care. The doctor can write orders but nurses make them happen.

Have a beautiful weekend.

MiniKat said...

I really like that wallpaper, but I think it's really busy in that space. Have you considered doing wainscoting around the lower half of the room and then using the wallpaper on the top half? It would calm down the room and make it look more relaxing.

Love both versions of the bedding!

Kathi said...

You know Kat, I was thinking the same thing. I'm going to get the wallpaper up then if I don't like it, I can always add the wainscoting.
Great minds, you know... =)

jose said...

worn out good goes fantasticamete