Saturday, May 8

Okay, What's Next?

I've been busy this morning! I finished my workstation make over!





So, what's next? I know a dollhouse bathroom that needs to have tile installed and a new floor. Now, if I could only find the tile I made...

It sure feels good to get back to working on my projects again!



Susanne said...

Great work, Kathi, this will be a perfect workstation for your beachhouse, and you will get time to be inspired again..maybe you allready are ;-)
Love, Susanne

De said...

The work station looks great, Kathi. I'm glad you're finally able to get back to your dollhouse. I've missed you! :-)

Caseymini said...

Very pretty color of the year! It seems a shame to store things in it. It looks so fresh and new!Back to work now. Did you find the tile yet?

Kathi said...

Thanks everyone! I like how this turned out too.
No. I haven't found the tile yet. :{
This has forced me to unpack EVERYTHING in my craft room and try to get it organized...
Still working on that!

Tallulah Belle said...

I am playing catch up here :-)

I love it. It is such a nice shape and now it is painted it looks fab.

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

The workstation is great! It's so nice that we'll get to see your bathroom again. :)

Kim said...

wow Kathi- that turned out gorgeous!