Tuesday, May 25

Patience is Your Friend

I love the comment in the instructions I found at Craftstylish.com for weaving a paper basket. "Patience is your friend at this point."

Here is my second attempt at basket making. So far so good?

I was trying to make a little basket for the bathroom. This is all I've done. I don't think I am destined to be a basket maker. My patience has run out!

It's back to the shower curtain. I'm hoping the glue I used this time will hold the hooks? We'll see how that goes. Remember, patience is your friend. = }

If you'd like to make some baskets, check out Casey's link/tutorials. I might try one of these instead? Thanks Casey.

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, you can also do those baskets with hardanger or other stiff, evenweave embroidery fabric. Be sure to put a line of white glue on the edges when you cut, so that they won't unravel. I will warn you though....They are addictive. You can't make just one!

Caseymini said...

Forgot to say. With the paper baskets, I find it easier to weave the bottom and pin it to a board. That way, when you start going up the sides, the bottom can't shift. Good luck!

Kathi said...

Thanks Casey! I don't have any penelope fabric. I'll try the hardanger and see how it goes. I would be happy to be able to say I made ONE basket! LOL

cockerina said...

thanks for the explanation, now that's what I'll try to do, I made a lot of strips of paper .. ha ha!

Norma Bennett said...

I think my new mantra is going to be "patience is your friend" - I'm naturally stubborn but not naturally patient so next time things don't go 'just right' I'll try that phrase instead of some other words it's better not to say in company ;)

Ascension said...

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Gracias por el enlace.
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