Monday, May 24

Mixed Media

My daughter and I went to an art show on Saturday. One of her friends was selling mixed media art. She made owls and flowers on artist's canvas. They were really pretty.

I thought, "I could make that." So I made this one for my dollhouse.

Now that I see it photographed I see where I need to do some touch ups. It was fun to make and I just used little things I already had.

I also made some towels and painted the cabinet over the toilet. There is still a lot to do.

I've never finished a room before. Now I have an even greater appreciation for all of you who have completed so many rooms and dollhouses!

Back to work again.
Hope you have a lovely day!


Karin F. said...

Looking really good! If I didn't know I'd even think it was RL.
hugs Karin

Sans! said...

Wow Kathi, you have done a fabulous job with the bathroom! I wanted to make a seashell box and gave up after 2 minutes ! :)Well done!! :)

Susanne said...

Its such a great room, Kathi! I love all the details with the seashells, I don´t know where to get such small ones.
In fact I never finish my miniprojects, I like the thought of it continuing, like your home, I would never call that finished, it changes from day to day as life changes ;-)
Love, Susanne

Ascension said...

Un gran trabajo, me encanta como esta tu cuarto de baño
besitos ascension

FabShabbyRoses said...

I'm totally in love with that floor. The crushed shells? OMG it's amazing. I would love to do that to a real bathroom floor. Wouldn't that be cool? Did you fill it in with something? An epoxy or resin of some kind. You must tell us how you did it. I'm thinking it would be awesome to do a tiny bathroom floor in real life with those small colored stones. It would be amazing! And yeah who ever finishes projects? All of my projects are in progress, never DONE. HA! Carolyn

Norma Bennett said...

The little art work is wonderful! And the whole bathroom is coming together so very very nicely, the colours are fabulous.

Meli Abellán said...

I really love this bathroom!!! Everything is so lovely, the colors, art work.. amazing!!!
Warm regards,