Friday, May 28

Foam Brushes

I decided I needed a white shelf and a white cabinet for the bathroom. I'm using a Michael's hutch and made a shelf with Starbucks coffee stirrer sticks.

While I was painting with one of my handy dandy foam brushes, I wondered who invented these? Maybe if I had invented them I could retire and spend my days making minis and NOT having to go to work!

Real life size sign found at Beall's in Florida

Super Brush claims to be the company that invented foam brushes. If you visit their web site you can see all of the other handy swabs they've made.

What do you think about while you're making minis? I seem to drift off into another place when I'm painting or cutting and gluing.

The bathroom designer came in while Grandpa was installing the chandelier yesterday. She told him to stop. Seems she wants a ceiling medallion made before work continues...

Hope you have a fun filled Friday!

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Tabitha Corsica said...

Thank you for the link to the foam swabs! I love the little many uses. Off to order....