Wednesday, October 20

Gifts From Casey!

I received not one, but two gift packages from Casey! The first one is a mini traveling kit. It is a little divided box packed with everything I might need to make minis anywhere! :D

There is a pair of scissors, some glue, a ruler, X-ACTO blades, lace, ribbon, a wooden pot with a lid, a little barrel, some pretty fabric and stuffing. Then Casey added some surprises too! A beautiful shopping bag with the prettiest pair of blue sandals and a gorgeous purse in my favorite color!
Casey also sent me one of her little woven baskets! I love Casey's baskets! :D

If all of this wasn't enough, today I received more gifts! Another teeny tiny house! It is only 3 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide! Casey included some beautiful wallpaper in 1:144 scale so I can decorate this house myself. There are rugs too. The little plastic bag you see has windows and doors and even a toilet and tub! They are so small I couldn't even get a photo of them. SO cute!

I don't know where Casey found the little lemons and apples and oranges? Do you think she has been crawling around on the floor at WalMart too? LOL There are some little lavender flower stems too. I'm sure I'll use them in my tiny landscaping!

Thank you so much Casey! I really appreciate all of the thought you put into these gifts. You are so kind and so generous! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Mini Me said...

Beautiful stuff! So generous of Casey! Love the little blue shoes, purse and house! How cool!!

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I am glad that you liked the stuff I sent. You didn't tell everybody that I owed you for a lot of goodies that you sent me a while ago.

I didn't crawl around in Walmart...I actually bought mine!LOL They were in the 89cent boquet section that used to be there a few years ago. I made fruit bowls with them in clear glass button bowls. I thought that I showed everyone how to do it on the blog one time....I can't find the entry now. I have to go through and re do all of the labels...Someday soon...

Kathi said...

Casey you don't owe me nothin'! I've learned so much from you and have loved every post you've made. Your blog makes me smile everyday and you can't put a price on that. :D

Lataina said...

Oh you lucky lady! Look at all those wonderful gifts. =)

Sans! said...

I have those clear plastic boxes too that I put my embroidery in. They are really very nifty and portable and useful.

Casey packed a punch in those 2 goody bags:)

CLARA said...

Una maravilla de regalos. Eres muy afortunada por tu amistad con Casey. Disfruta de ellos.
Besos Clara

Ascension said...

Que fantasticos regalos de Casey, disfruta de ellos.
besitos ascension

Katie said...

hehehe.... I'm laughing at the thought of Casey crawling around on the floor at Walmart:) LOL

What beautiful gifts Kathi! Casey sure is giving, isn't she:)
Hugs to everyone:)