Tuesday, November 30

Whittling Away

I thought I would try to make my own table legs. I don't have any fancy wood carving tools or a lathe. I'm using a razor blade. So far I still have all of my fingers intact. :D

I still need to sand this one. Then I'll try making three more like it. That will be the hard part.

As you can see I'm already having trouble! I could just buy some legs for my table, but if I can make them myself, why not try?

If you're wondering how to find the right scale for things you make, check out the Art of Miniatures Calculator. I've added it to my sidebar.

It's pouring rain here this morning so I added some rain songs to my playlist. :D

Hope you have a happy day!


Pan said...

Well, the first leg looks great and I am very impressed that you still have all your fingers :-)

Thanks for the link - it looks very useful.

BTW I love the little house in your header.

jose said...

I love your works they are fantastic

Heather said...

Wow! Super impressed. Your doing a great job!

Bella Sinclair said...

My eyes are as big as saucers as I scroll down your blog. Your little blue table is beautiful! But then, imagine my amazement to learn that YOU WHITTLED EACH TABLE LEG! Oy! You blow my mind!