Saturday, August 6

Gifts For Grandma!

For those of you who were concerned about Grandma, look what she received in the mail yesterday!! Lovely gifts from Rachel in South Wales!

They are all so beautifully made! Thank you SO much Rachel! I love every thing! These things should keep Grandma happy while I work on my little house. :D

Today I am working on building a new bathroom for the mini modern house. It will be one inch square.

The glue is drying on the match stick walls. I think they will look much better than the cardstock I used before.

I've changed my mind about one of the exterior walls too. It will be "glass" so you can see inside better. I think I've found a new glue that works on plastic and wood. I'll show you that later.

Right now I need to go mow my yard before it gets too hot or rains again...

Hope you have a beautiful day!


miniaturista said...

Es estupendo encontrar pegamento para dos materiales diferentes para nuestras minis para dejar mejor el acabado.
He dado de comer a los peces, ha sido un placer y me ha gustado esa idea.
Un abrazo

Eliana said...

Lovely gifts!

Miniaturemaid said...

Thanks for posting pictures Kathi im glad you like them

Lucille said...

Your gifts are lovely, Kathi. Your friend is very talented. Grandma looks so sweet in her beautiful hat!