Tuesday, August 9

Gifts from Casey and Caterina!

Caterina sent me these beautiful things for her Holiday Summer Swap. Grandma LOVES them and so does Grandpa! :D They are perfect for a summer day at the beach! Thank you Caterina!

Casey sent gifts too! Love this tiny 1/4 scale furniture. Enough to furnish an entire house! The little chairs are adorable! Just look how cute the tub and toilet are! Thank you Casey!

Casey also included some little picket fencing and two of her beautiful baskets. I think the tiny orange balls will make great oranges on a tiny orange tree? That is, if I can see them well enough to add them?!

I've been admiring how Casey uses nadina to make plants. Now I have some of that too! The "ready made" plants look like palm trees to me? I love the little "pumpkins!"

Thank you SO much Caterina and Casey! You are so kind and generous! I love each and every thing!

My daughter received very sad news yesterday. I'm sad too. Please continue your prayers for her. We are trusting in God's goodness and love. He gives us comfort and hope.

These gifts made me smile. I am so thankful for you, my blogging friends!


cockerina said...

see my minis in your blog, I am very surprised! They have already arrived? I did not expect so fast! but I'm happy that you have received, and that they liked .. grandmother!
I think that grandfather will see grandmother, with a look of love, if she wears sexy bikini .. ha ha!

I am very sorry for your daughter, I pray for her ... All hope for a better news!!
best wishes, and courage!
xxx Caterina

Caseymini said...

Kathi, first of all, my prayers go out to you and your daughter.

I am glad that the nandina arrived safely. Happy planting...

Oops! I forgot the bathroom sink! I will have to find one for you!

Miniaturemaid said...

You Have had Some lovely gifts they all look great

Lucille said...

Now, I'm crying! How very sad, Kathi. I am so very sorry and certainly share your sorrow. I will pray for your daughter. Our children are so very precious to us. Hang in there, dear girl! You are much loved. You were very spoiled in the wonderful gifts you just received. See how loved you are!

Drora's minimundo said...

Lovely gifts from wonderful friends.

PAKY said...

Are wonderful gifts!! Congratulations and enjoy! regards

cockerina said...

Hello, I'm new here ... I was curious about the name of the plant that sent you Casey, and I looked everywhere ... here is what I found:

"All parts of the plant are poisonous, containing hydrocyanic acid, and Could Potentially fatal if ingested well. The plant is Placed in Toxicity Category 4, the category "generally non-toxic to humans Considered," However, the berries are Considered toxic, to cats, and grazing animals.
The berries Also Contain alkaloids nantenine Such as, Which is used in scientific research as an antidote to MDMA.
These birds are not affected by toxins and dispersed the seeds will through Their droppings."

you have cats in the house?
be careful, please!
kisses, Caterina

by Sonya said...

Very good gifts!I love them!

Unknown said...

Wonderful gifts from sweet friends, I absolutely adore the bikini!