Thursday, August 18

The House Next Door

I know I told Mike that I would not start another project until I finished his house. I just couldn't get my little Spanish Revival House out of my mind.

I wanted walls that were thicker than cardstock and easier to cut than wood. I decided to try this styrofoam plate. I'm saving the environment from yet another plate being tossed into the trash too!

I mixed up a pot of lightweight spackle, clear tacky glue and adobe wash paint. I wasn't sure that the spackle alone would stick to the foam. Adding the paint to the mix saves a step too.

I roughly cut out some of the walls then applied the stucco with a brush. I need to become better acquainted with my Exacto knife. I cut these with small scissors.

It looks like the styrofoam will hold its shape just fine. I like the color and the way the "stucco" looks.

This is enough for tonight. I need to find more plates. I got this one at work. Seems I'm always finding things at work to use for mini-making!

Sweet dreams!


Rosamargarita said...

Rompiste la promesa!!! (me alegro) la casa de un plato está quedando de sueño!
Yo también utilice un plato para una pequeña escena, si quieres verla, está aquí:

Kathi said...

Rosa, your scene is beautiful! Thank you so much for the link! Love the walls and all of the lovely details!

Caseymini said...

Poor Mike! Maybe you could make it up to him by finding a pretty senorita to live in the new house.LOL I would have never thought of a styro plate! Good idea, Kathi!

Lucille said...

I thought the Spanish house was to be a 1/12 scale. Oh well, like Casey says, perhaps a lovely senorita will become the new owner and Mike won't be so lonely!