Sunday, August 7

Mini Modern Progress

I'm making some progress with the mini modern house. I found a perfect piece of foam for the base and pool. The pool will be six feet deep or 1/2 inch in scale. :D

The bathroom upstairs is not quite finished. I'm trying to decide if I want to stain the exterior or paint it? I also need to add the windows and roof.

I really had fun making this teeny tiny sofa and pillows. It is 1/4 inch tall and 5/16 inch long. The pillows are 1/16 inch square and are reversible. They keep getting lost (!) so I may have to glue them on.

I've had some issues with glue for the "glass" wall. Nothing seems to want to stick... Anyone have an idea?

Yesterday MORE gifts arrived in the mail! They are from Casey and Caterina. I'll post photos of them tomorrow. There are more things for Grandma and something for me too! Can't wait to show you!

Hope your day is a happy one!


Lucille said...

Your wee little house looks so cute, Kathi. It helps me to realize how small everything is when you give the dimensions. I can't get over that little couch and those wee little cushions. You must have very good eyesight! I'm looking forward to following the process.

Ascension said...

Que maravilla de sofa, has hecho un gran trabajo.
Una gran idea la piscina, seguro que te quedara genial.
Estoy deseando ver los avances.
besitos ascension