Tuesday, August 2

Wavy Walls

Two quick pics of my mini modern house in progress.

I have some wavy walls to deal with and I plan to change the upstairs bathroom. I'm going to make a new room out of wooden matchsticks.

I do like how the fireplace turned out. More to come. Stay tuned. :D

Hope you have a nice day!


De said...

This is really cool, Kathi. I love your little houses. I really like the beach basket you did for your daughter, too. Hey, is Grandma getting cranky with all the distractions? ;-)

Maria Ireland said...

Looking great I love the little shelves. Greetings Maria

Kathi said...

Yes De, Grandma is a bit cranky. Mini Mike is really excited though. He and Minnie can't wait until I finish their beachy get-a-way! He is already working on the tile for their pool. :D

Unknown said...

Yes, the fireplace is so cool!

Lucille said...

Have I missed something, somewhere? Who are Mini Mike and Minnie? I'm lost!