Wednesday, August 3

Mini Modern Kitchen

Please bear with me while I take photos of my mini modern kitchen in progress. It's the only way I can see where changes need to be made. :D

The idea came from the new AIM Imag Issue 36 AUGUST 2011. This issue is full of modern minis! Great timing for me. Check it out!

I'm loving all of the wonderful minis you are making! Thanks to everyone for inspiring me to improve!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Julia said...

Love your blog!! I love minis. :D
Newest follower.

Julia said...

Fed your fish too! :D I have fish too but don't have the nice coral....I need to redo my fish tank! LOL

Lucille said...

Kathi, so sorry, but I can't make head or tail of that photo of yours. Is that a fridge or what? Oh well, I suppose that things will become obvious to me as you proceed! I can hear Grandma crying from over here. Poor little darling! "Dry your tears little Grandma and have some virtual chocolates. You'll feel better." Bad, bad Kathi!

Kathi said...

Thanks Julie for feeding my fish. They get neglected sometimes when I'm working on a project. :D
"Poor Grandma" will get her sewing room finished, I promise! She got some lovely gifts in the mail yesterday. That made her feel much better!