Wednesday, August 31

My Day As It Was

I received my order from Micro-Mark. I bought some fine turf by Woodland Scenics. Now I have enough "grass" to make a golf course! I just needed a tiny bit for the mini modern landscaping.

I also bought a small square and chopper. The chopper works great for picture frames. Now I can get back to work cutting the trim for the garage. No more excuses that my Easy Cutter broke! The 1/16" decking will be perfect for the 1:144 modern house. I'll probably use some of it for the Spanish house too.

I had my first MRI this morning. THAT was an experience! I have TMJ joint pain off and on. Doc wanted to see what's really going on in my jaw. Hence, the MRI.

This is not me, but this is what it looked like before they slid me into the scanner. It wasn't bad, just a little claustrophobic, long and LOUD!

Then they stuck this "huge" mouth bite thingy into my little mouth and scanned some more. "Ouch." I'm glad it's overwith and hope I don't have to eat soup for the rest of my life. LOL

I want to WELCOME all of my new followers! 427 now!!! If we get to 450, I'll have another give-a-way! Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and leaves me such nice comments. I really appreciate you!

Hope you have a nice evening! I'm going to go find something soft to eat. Ice cream maybe?


Caseymini said...

Kathi, getting a package from Micro Mark is just like Christmas! I am anxous to see what the decking looks like in the little houses.

How long will it be before you get the results of the MRI? Good luck with it.

I am sitting here listening to the waves crashing on the beach. It sounds like San Diego on the beach. Very relaxing.

Drora's minimundo said...

Good luck with the MRI results. I'll hold my fingers crossed for your good health. Blessings,

Lucille said...

I hope it's nothing serious and that everything works out! I am keeping you in my prayers as well as your daughter.