Tuesday, August 16

The Problem With Paper and Pencils

As I was driving home for lunch today I remembered the Spanish Revival house that was across the street from mine in Florida. It was old, vacant and very run down. So was mine when I bought it.

I loved that old house and wished that I had the time and means to buy it and fix it up. I did meet the owner one day. His grandfather had built the house in 1920. The same year my house was built.

One day, Jimmy was puttering around in the little garage out back. I walked over and we chatted for a while. "It's not for sale," he said. Evidently there were family problems the he had to work out before he could put the house on the market.

He did take me inside. I was astonished that nothing had been changed, updated or removed from house except the furniture. Water had done its damage as well as termites. I still thought it was beautiful! Those things didn't stop me from buying my house!

As we walked around I fell more and more in love with the place. The fireplace was amazing. There were original arched windows and hardwood floors. The interior walls were roughly plastered. The ceilings were about 10 feet tall and had dark oak beams.

In one of the bedrooms upstairs there was a walkout balcony with a wrought iron railing. Pure charm! The original Spanish tile was in the bathroom too.

All of this is to say that now I have a problem! I got out my paper and pencils and sketched out a little house that reminds me of the one next door.

My memories are cloudy and sadly I don't think I took photos of the house. I just remember it fondly and would like to try make a mini one.

I know, Grandma is waiting for her sewing room. Mini Mike is waiting for his new modern house to be finished. Grandpa is hollering about all of the clutter in the Adelaide Beachy.

Do you dream about houses that you might build one day? If you put pencil to paper does that me you are committed to start another project?

I'm going to sleep on it. No time for minis tonight now anyway....


Audra said...

My 'one day' house was ordered last week. I have longed for the Glenwood for about 2 years but didn't have room and had other houses to finsih. Well, those house are now done, and in the past 3 months I have sold 4 houses to good homes. My 'one day' will be here any day now

Caseymini said...

Kathi, that house would be interesting to do in any scale....Good luck with the tiny!!!

Sandra said...

It is good to have dreams Kathi! Keep the dream alive. You may have a chance to realize it; it may change; it may never come to fruition. Whatever, often dreaming is the best part. I still haven't finished the first dollshouse I started but I dream of doing so - one day! Meanwhile I have discovered a smaller scale and done many others in that scale; my tastes have widened and matured; and I have learned new skills and gained more confidence. One day I will realize that dream - and you will realize yours!

LaLaLand said...

Hello :)
I love your new plans! A lovely Spanish home.
Dreams keep us alive, don't they?


Lucille said...

Go where your heart leads you, Kathi. It has been my personal experience that if we put off doing what calls to us, the passion in us dies and we become blocked and frustrated. If you want to do that little house, then I say do it. It certainly would be an interesting process to follow and another interesting challenge for you. So what if you have other projects that are not finished! As long as you are happy and feel alive while following your heart's desire, that is all that matters.

Unknown said...

You always have good ideas. I'm looking forward to this projekt. Hugs from Craftland