Sunday, February 26

The Adelaide Beachy

I named my first dollhouse "The Adelaide Beachy." It is a beach house and my dear Aunt Adelaide Beachy was a wonderful part of my life when I was growing up.

I found this site on Ebay that will make any sign you wish for your dollhouse! Here is the one I just received. I love it!

I haven't seen the front of this house for ages. I still have a lot of outside work to do!

I am making some progress in the kitchen. I finished the stove and other furniture. Now I'm adding the accessories. This is the fun, but tedious part. At least there is food in the fridge now!

It looks like I will be climbing over things here for a while. It is going take me more that ONE weekend to finish this kitchen!

Hope you have a nice day!


Fabiola said...

I like the progress in the kitchen.
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland said...

The kitchen is looking wonderful. I love the sign.
Hugs Maria

Lucille said...

Cute little sign and a wonderful way to honour your Aunt. You have a well stocked fridge. Interesting to look at all the little bits! The kitchen is coming along fine. It does take time, doesn't it!

Caseymini said...

Way to go Kathi! Food in the fridge is always good. I'm here to cheer you on as you come down the home stretch! It's looking great!

Troy said...

Cant wait to see it finished!