Monday, February 6

Making "Porcelain" Knobs

I thought I would try making some knobs for my kitchen faucet.

First I found a photo of some real porcelain knobs. has lots of them as well as other really cool old bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

So here we go. Anyone can roll out a snake with clay. Even me! LOL

I made some skinny snakes out of FIMO clay then cut a piece about 1/4" long. Then I cut another piece in half and added them to the sides. When they looked like a cross I added a teensy flattened ball to the center.

Then I popped them in the oven to bake. It took about 15 minutes at 275. I kept checking on them to be sure they didn't burn.

I only need two. Let's hope there will be two that match?

Tomorrow I'll show you how they turned out. Or maybe how they didn't turn out?

Sweet dreams!


Troy said...

Hopefully they turned out better than my last clay project. I will try and get some pictures together this week. I can't wait to see how yours turn out.

Patty said...

Kathi, They came out great!! Do you put a foil tent over your pieces when they are in the oven? This helps with the burning issue.

Ilona said...

Hello Kathi, I hope the knobs turned out well? Are there a couple of matching knobs? Your project is great.
Blessings, Ilona