Thursday, February 23

Playing With Knives and Scissors

I've been playing with my new X-Acto swivel knife. I love it!

Here is what I've done so far. It's kind of like making a paper snowflake, only harder. It took me about two hours to do this much!

I'm not finished yet, but I wanted to see how the design might look with light behind it?

I like it. Now I just need to make another one. . .

This is going to take a while!


Mary said...

Very nice, the center part looks a bit like a dragonfly. I'm sure that it will go faster after you get comfortable with your new toy. I look forward to seeing how this gets used in your minis. A Big Mini Hug.

Lucille said...

Very pretty! I am also curious to see how you are going to use this in your minis!