Friday, February 3

I'm In, Are You?

I decided yesterday to enter the 2012 Creatin' Contest. I've ordered my kit. I'm doing my research. I'm making my lists and sketching my design. This is the only hint I can give you.

Greenwood, Orlando FL

Sometimes when you can't get an idea out of your head, you just have to jump in and do it!

Will you be joining me? Someday, you will. :D


otterine said...

I will be adding the kit to my stash as I have a great idea, but I won't be entering the build in the contest. I really want to focus on the Heritage and other yet to be finished projects. :D

I'm intrigued by the pic. Hmm... Best of luck...what a long time until the reveal!

Lucille said...

I am so excited for you, Kathi. Now my mind will be working, I can't tell you how. A cemetery! Wow! Maybe a haunted house?!! Oh, something else just came to my mind. But, I won't say anything. If that's what you're doing, wow! But, then maybe it's not. Am I making you curious! Well, you're making me curious also! I'll bet you can't wait to know what I had in mind, right?!! Well, you'll just have to wait. Ha! Ha! Ha! Unless, of course, you show us some of the build as you go along. I can't remember now if that's done.

Maria said...

Nice kit, but no i am not joining you.I have to much halfdone projects that i have to finnish. I wish you good luck and i am sure you have wonderfull ideas.Have fun during the prosess.

Troy said...

Not this year Kathi, but I am excited to see what you come up with! I have a few ideas from your clue. hehe A haunted house? A funeral home? I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great.

Jill said...

I can't wait to see what you are going to create. Whatever it is, I know it will be brilliant!

Sandra said...

Well I'm tempted - I've even put the kit in my shopping cart but haven't finalised it yet. They are sold out at the moment anyway, and I have so many UFO's in 1:12th scale and in 1:48 scale....I'll have to keep thinking about it. But I did see some great items for my kitchen that I will order!