Wednesday, February 15

Ebay Finds

Here are four items I "won" on Ebay this week.
Love the powder room set. :D
All four for $29.

I'm going to stop shopping now.

Hope you have a nice evening. Sweet dreams!


Linda said...

I love the details on the bathroom set! Great finds!

Lucille said...

Beautiful little treasures!

Troy said...

great finds Kathi - glad you won the box! I am not familiar with that piano? Can you send a better pic sometime?

Bella Sinclair said...

Cute! And nice jewelry box, too. Can you really stop ebaying? I find it so hard to stop once I start, hehehe.

Your shell windchime is so pretty! Looks exactly like the full scale version. Amazing!

Your comment made me laugh. Never try to overthink what I draw. I'm not that deep. Hahaha!

Maria Ireland said...

Beautiful buys. I love the box.
Hugs Maria

Mini Minnie said...

The bathroom set is really cute! I know what you mean about trying to stop buying...I've got SUCH an addiction to ebay, heheh. Send help. Please. Thank you :D

Drora's minimundo said...

Congratulations for these great finds!

Fabiola said...

Great finds. I like the doll.
Bye Faby