Sunday, February 5

Tin Backsplash

I'm still working in the kitchen. I've almost finished this one project.

I find that I have more ideas than time to do them. If I live to be 102, like my dear Aunt Adelaide, I still don't think I will complete them all!

This is how I made the "tin" backsplash. I used the seal from a coffee can. Actually, I used a Maxwell House coffee seal. It was shiny on the inside, easy to score with a bamboo skewer and cut with scissors.

I glued the "tin" to a piece of heavy cardstock with spray adhesive. The tile is inset with a painted wooden frame. I'm very proud of my little miter cuts. :D

I took this photo to show you that all is not so precise! I see some tiles that need to be moved and maybe some grout added...

Hope you have a wonderful day! I'm going to go find something to eat for breakfast and then get back to work.

"When we are writing, or painting, or composing, we are, during the time of creativity, freed from normal restrictions, and are opened to a wider world, where colors are brighter, sounds clearer, and people more wondrously complex than we normally realize." Madeleine L'Engle


Fabiola said...

I like this work.
Bye Faby

Ilona said...

I love it!! And you've done awesome work with the tin backsplash, Kati. I like it if you say that not everything is perfect, why should it always be perfect? Enough time? I have to live 100 years or more if I could do everything I like to do....;) (not only in miniature)
Have a nice evening, Ilona

Caseymini said...

Keep up the good work! The backsplash is a smash hit! I like the quote also.

Lena said...

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I am really glad for my kitchen lamp, its really tiny and perfect size for this house...


Lucille said...

I love your backsplash! I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for that quote. It's rather empowering!

Angie Martin Hall said...

Hi, there. I just found your blog! What a great idea to use the coffee can sealer as a backsplash! I would have never thought of that. Thanks for the tip. Now I'm off to Trader Joe's for coffee. I hope they have the same type of liner!