Monday, February 13

Buried Treasures?

I've been looking around for things to use in my next project.

These are two little boxes I saw on Ebay. I bid on both of them. Not sure if I'll win or what I will do with them if I do? I just think they are unique and pretty in their own way...

They are antique jewelry boxes that were made to place inside a casket to hold jewelry or other sentimental valuables. These boxes must be collectables. There is a book about them called The Jewel Box Book. I may check it out at the library to learn more?

These little boxes can be quite expensive! My budget is very limited. I saw hundreds of them for sale. I never knew that people used boxes like these to put inside the casket of their loved ones. The box below is for sale on Etsy.

I don't know about you, but I love little trinket boxes. I have a couple of them on my dresser but none like these. I have a wooden one, one made of porcelain and one made of crystal. I keep pennies, saftey pins and marbles in them. Mine probably came from a Dollar Store!

Have you seen anything like these antique casket jewelry boxes before? I didn't even know they exsisted. Not sure why someone would want to bury their treasures? I like to find them!


Unknown said...

I never heard of them either! I especially like the second one. Now there is something else for me to look up! I love looking on-line to find information about things I find out about. One thing about blogs...there is always new things mentioned for me to look into. To learn is to live.

Troy said...

hmm, never heard of them either. Kind of odd that people would bury treasure with a loved one instead of passing it down. Good luck on your bidding.

Unknown said...

We have a collection of little boxes. I'll have to check to see if any are like yours. They are wonderful!