Thursday, October 8

Thank You Starbucks!

I ran into Starbucks today at lunchtime. Ordered a sparkling blackberry drink and a slice of their yummy pumpkin bread. Then I asked to speak with the manager. A really nice guy came up to the counter and asked "may I help you?" I said, "yes you can!"

I told him I was working on a dollhouse and I needed a handful of their coffee stir sticks. He said, "sure," grabbed a BIG bunch and put them in an empty cup for me.



Guess you know what I will be doing this evening! Hope you have a great day!
Stop by a Starbucks and tell them "thanks" for me! I've got big plans for these little sticks!



Caseymini said...

Kathi, I can see it now. Starbucks is going to be inundated with requests for coffee stirers! LOL It's a good thing you got there first. Floor?

rosanna said...

I'm happy that my hint turned useful. I also have a bunch of them (smaller one) and I took them in Scotland. There is nothing like Starbucks here but when I saw the stirrers I could only think : minis, minis, minis. Have fun

Katie said...

Now that's my kind of shopping:)


.....I'm getting ready right now to post a pic for you.....let me know if it helps:)

Deni said...

Ask and you shall receive that is! lol
I have a few packets of those on hand but if one can get them for free!
Yippeee! well done!!!!