Friday, October 9

Built In Bookcases - Day One

I'm so thankful to have found the coffee stirrers I needed for my beadboard bookcases! They were even the perfect length! 7 inches!

I spread a thin layer of wood glue on a piece of balsa wood and glued them down. Then I put them between two pieces of waxed paper and weighted them down overnight.

Here's how they look propped up in the living room with the fireplace. Next I'll be building the cabinets and shelves. More later...

Hope you have good Friday!

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Linda said...

These are going to look great! :)

Would you happen to want the bear I had posted on my blog for your pharmacy? I have no use for him, but would love to see someone else use him. If you do, email me ( with your contact info, and I will send him right along. :)