Friday, October 30


These images are from Susan Sargent.
If you love color and beautiful design, you really need to visit her website!

These items are real life size but wouldn't they be great in miniature!?
I'm always looking for inspiration for my dollhouse.

Where do you find yours?
Blessings, Kathi


rosanna said...

EVERYWHERE !!!! Have a nice day and thanks for joining the swap Rosanna

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

I've seen her work and love some of her ceramics and pillows!

Petra said...

As in real life I normally use the things that pass along for my furnishing and decoration. Once I had enough money to buy what I want, and it was too overwhelming for me - so much possibilities. for me it is better to make the things nice for me with a few movements. A few persons bring me nice things for my dollshouse, I see them in every shop I visit, that's my inspiration.