Sunday, October 11

Making Progress

I've been working on my fireplace and bookshelves. Here's what things look like so far...

I went to Mary Charles Dollhouse store yesterday and got some little trim and crown molding for the bookshelves. I still need to glue them together, add the shelves and finish painting.

I also need to remove the chair rail that's in the living room. I found out that a hair dryer will soften wood glue so pieces can be taken apart. Maybe it will work for the chair rail?

Hope the sun shines where you are today!


kathi said...

UPDATE! The hair dryer worked wonders! In about 1 minute the chair rail was off! All in one piece too so I can use it somewhere else!
It also helped me remove the little bits of carpet that were along the baseboard! Yippee!

Dlsarmywife said...

I love your built-ins...they are coming along nicelt...I can't recall...did you build the fireplace? I am wanting to make some for some gift bag vignettes I am doing, but can't find an y tutorials for making fireplaces. *sigh*

nana said...

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